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Enterprise Gamification is when a company takes its customer loyalty program and adds some fun, interactive elements in an effort to reward repeat business from new customers, and keep even their regulars on their toes. The Enterprise Gamification theory is a clear solution to revitalizing...

The music industry is one of exponential innovation. There’s no telling where we’ll be a year after I, Clarence, the Pop of Colour boy, write this post. Therefore, let me lay down a few of my wild predictions and educated guesses on the permanent internet, for...

NEWS Brought to you by SHUBB CAPOS Spotify Reported 2 Million Ad-Blocking Users In March Pandora’s Voice-Activated Streams Have Jumped 50% In 2018 [embed]https://www.facebook.com/popofcolourmusic/videos/242483193132376/[/embed] ...

One of my latest fascinations has been this concept called “Enterprise Gamification” - particularly, the idea of how fan loyalty can be strengthened by integrating one’s brand into the everyday lives of customers by harnessing the natural competitive streak and value of social status in...