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Pop of Colour presents: a music industry late night show. This week's topic: Wisdom. In other news: we look at proof that fake followers don’t buy concert tickets, just how much social media users are worth to advertisers by region, and Apple Music unveils “Preferred Distribution Program”.
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Proof That Fake Followers Don’t Buy Concert Tickets

How Much Social Media Users Are Worth To Advertisers By Region

Apple Music Unveils “Preferred Distribution Program”


Pop of Colour Late Show: Episode 28 – Wisdom

🎶 A MUSIC INDUSTRY LATE NIGHT SHOW🕘 Premieres Monday Nights at 9 EST on Facebook 🦄 Episode Archive, References and Freebies: https://www.popofcolourmusic.com/2018/11/12/late-show-episode-28-2/📰 Fake Followers Don’t Buy Concert Tickets📰 How Much Social Media Users Are Worth To Advertisers By Region📰 Apple Music Unveils “Preferred Distribution Program”🐱 SAY HI!Facebook: facebook.com/popofcolourmusicInstagram: instagram.com/popofcolourmusic Twitter: twitter.com/claracharronEmail: clara@popofcolourmusic.com

Posted by Pop of Colour – Music Marketing on Monday, November 12, 2018


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