Music Career Investments
Pop of Colour presents: a music industry late night show. This week's topic: Music Career Investments. In other news: Taylor Swift! Taylor's standing to make music business history as a free agent, and just like Taylor, we look at how to grow a seed launch into a music release.
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Taylor Swift Stands to Make Music Business History as a Free Agent

Grow A Seed Launch Into A Music Release (Like Taylor Swift)

Pop of Colour – Episode 22 – Career Investments + Taylor Swift’s New Deal

A MUSIC INDUSTRY LATE NIGHT SHOWPremieres Monday Nights at 9 EST on FacebookFreebies Here: https://www.popofcolourmusic.com/freebies/ Blog: https://popofcolourmusic.comSAY HI!Facebook: facebook.com/popofcolourmusicInstagram: instagram.com/popofcolourmusic Twitter: twitter.com/claracharronEmail: clara@popofcolourmusic.comClara’s Tea Fund: paypal.me/popofcolourmusicNEWSTaylor Swift Stands to Make Music Business History as a Free Agent: https://variety.com/2018/music/news/taylor-swift-stands-to-make-music-business-history-as-a-free-agent-1202918336/Grow A Seed Launch Into A Music Release (Like Taylor Swift): https://www.popofcolourmusic.com/2017/06/08/seed-launch-taylor-swift/

Posted by Pop of Colour – Music Marketing on Monday, September 3, 2018