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Pop of Colour presents: a music industry late night show. This week's topic: Confidence feat. Chantal Hackett. In other news: musicians earned 12% of 2017 Music Industry Revenue, SoundCloud brings back comments from mobile feature, and are record labels facing an A&R crisis?
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Confidence feat. Chantal Hackett


Musicians Earned 12% Of 2017 Music Industry Revenue

SoundCloud Brings Back Comments From Mobile Feature

Are Record Labels Facing An A&R Crisis?

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Pop of Colour LIVE! Episode 20 – Confidence feat. Chantal Hackett

A MUSIC INDUSTRY LATE NIGHT SHOWPremieres Monday Nights at 9 EST on FacebookNEW FREEBIE: Bio Writing, EPKs, Social Media Audits and Music Brand Marketing: TONIGHT’S SPECIAL GUEST, @chantal.hackett :Website: chantalhackett.comFacebook: chantal@chantalhackett.comSAY HI!Facebook: Twitter: clara@popofcolourmusic.comContribute To The Mission: Earned 12% Of 2017 Music Industry Revenue: Brings Back Comments From Mobile Feature: Record Labels Facing An A&R Crisis?:

Posted by Pop of Colour – Music Marketing on Monday, August 13, 2018

Chantal Hackett on Following Dreams, Founding A Company, and Being Ready For The Fall

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