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Pop of Colour presents: a music industry late night show. This week's topic: 20 Cold Email Tips. In other news: streaming services ranked by their royalty payout rates, new stats show that UK women working at major labels are being paid less than men, check out Eventbrite's free E-Book “2018 Music Trends: The Top Predictions”, learn how to snag that interview with our article "How To Cold Email A Music Journalist", find out what a professional email address looks like, and this week's tea and mug gifted by DAVIDsTEA!
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20 Cold Email Tips



Streaming Services Ranked Based On Royalty Payout Rates

UK Women Working at Major Labels Are Being Paid Less Than Men (New Stats)

Free E-Book “2018 Music Trends: The Top Predictions” by Eventbrite

How To Cold Email A Music Journalist (and snag that interview)

What Is A Professional Email Address

Tea and mug gifted by DAVIDsTEA


Pop of Colour LIVE! Episode 06 – 20 Cold Email Tips

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Posted by Pop of Colour – Music Marketing on Monday, April 9, 2018

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