Hello Humans, it’s been far too long! For those of you who don’t know me, allow me to make a formal introduction: I am Her Royal Majesty Queen Louise, Clarence’s cat (and the real boss around here). 

In between buying chicken-flavoured treats online while my Clarence is sleeping, I have decided to graciously lend my expertise to this guest post, to be published in honour of my birthday on May 27th (1 years old! Finally, a number!). Chin scratches are a more than acceptable form of showing thanks. So, without further ado, let me present why record deals are like kittens. 

Is a kitten right for you?

Just because you are an animal lover, does not mean that the commitment of adopting a cat is the right choice for you. The same holds true in the world of musicianship. Singing a record label’s contract is not necessarily the best way for you to achieve the career you dream of. So think long and hard before even starting your active search. 

Seek out a reputable shelter.

Just as buying a cat off an online-forum may not be the safest move, signing a binding contract with someone you just met (without going home to look them up first) can be risky. Reputable shelters know where the cat comes from, will ensure he or she is healthy, has up-to-date vaccinations, and is microchipped. 

Choosing the right kitten.

Think of the age of the cat as the term of the contract – while you may have less time with an older cat than a young kitten, you’ll know their personality, and most likely what you’re going to get. Be sure to watch them in their natural environment before making a decision.

Making it official.

Singing a contract is a big decision to commit yourself to, so make sure you take a little time to think on it. Read over all the fine print. And make sure you know if this is an exclusive deal (no other cats) before bringing them home. 

There you have it! I hope these parallels make things clearer for you. Oh, and just like regular vet checkups, don’t forget to schedule audits!

Thank you for all the birthday wishes so far, 

– H.R.M. Louise