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Does your current artist bio feel…

– So cheesy it should come with its own wine pairing?

– Like a meandering life story, without purpose or flow?

– Formatted like a job application, just lists of achievements and influences?

– Too boring to do your creative work justice?

I’ve been there too…

– Feeling like I have to choose between personality and professionalism… 

– Imposter syndrome making me question my achievements…

– Copy and pasting the same bio everywhere, regardless of audience…

(basically I felt as overwhelmed as my cat…)

But after years of running a music business blog, being involved in the industry, and writing artist bios as a freelance job, I have found out how to channel my artistic writing style into artist bio that…

– Lets your unique voice take centre stage, thereby keeping the bio consistent with the rest of your artists brand.

– Adapts the bio’s message and information to who needs to hear what.

– Reads with the effortless flow only a creative can bring.

– Can even be copy and pasted by the press, making you a media favourite.

And I have streamlined this entire process into a package for you…

“Clarence helped me turn my bio into a work of art.”
Crystalena, pop-rock singer-songwriter


An hour long video interview where we dive together to the depths of your artistic soul.

One “fans-first” bio focuses on telling your story, your influences, and creative vision (this is the one you will use for your website, the press, and music festival brochures).

One “industry-first” bio, which focuses on your career achievements, sales figures, and names you’ve worked with (this is the one you will use for booking emails, sponsorship kits, and grant applications).


You get to keep the video file from the interview, where you can freely cut clips (audio and video) for your EPK, social media videos, exclusive fan club content, and anything else you can think of!

“Thank you so much. You captured everything I could ever want in my bio!”
Hannah Kay, country artist (The Voice, S16)

Just Imagine…

Being able to describe your sound in a catchy, attractive way to potential fans…

Getting more bookings, call backs, and industry interest by showing them you respect their time and know what questions they need answered…

Becoming a media favourite, as they can fit you into their regular publishing schedule with minimal effort….

Having genuine moments of you describing why you do what you do captured on camera… =

“His passion for helping other artists is so evident in the way he goes above to share his knowledge. Clarence is just an absolute delight and if you ever have the opportunity to hear him speak, or work with him, I recommend you jump at the chance.”
Melissa Lamm, pop artist and Twitch Streamer

Got questions? I’ve got answers!

How much does it cost to hire Pop of Colour for my Marvellous Artist Bios? Only CAD $399! (the same service at major labels is more than 10x that amount).

How long does it take to get my finished bios back? A week, max. If an extraordinary circumstance comes up (computer break down, major health issues, natural disaster, etc), I will keep you in the loop.

Why do I have to pay half the fee upfront? Because you are booking an hour of my time for the interview, and your artist bios are 100% custom made (meaning if you accidentally spent all your savings on a new guitar, your band breaks up, or a giant shark swallows you, I can’t just pass your life story to the next artist who comes along).

Your vibe is bright and colourful, whereas mine is dark and low-key. How can I make sure you won’t transform me into a bubblegum disaster? That’s why the interview is so important. I’m not just writing down your career highlights and describing your sound. Everything – from the adjectives chosen, to literary devices such as alliteration, to the flow of the writing – is carefully crafted to fit your unique brand and style.

What do I do if I get the finished work back and don’t like it? Let me know, and we’ll sit down together and go over what you feel doesn’t suit you, and I’ll make any edits required.

Why do you spell your words weird? I’m based in Canada, where we use British spelling (colour vs. color, for example). Obviously, if you are American or tell me you want American spelling in your bios, I can easily and happily make that adaption for you.

Do I need to ask your permission to update the bio to add new career achievements? Not necessary, it’s all yours.

Do I need to credit you on my website? Not if you don’t want to! However, if you had a good experience with me, I’d love you to tell your artist friends about me.

Can I edit the interview video any way I want to? You sure can! Feel free to tag me on socials so I can see and share it.

“I have been working with Pop of Colour for many years now. As an artist and entrepreneur juggling many hats, Clarence is always there for the extra support needed. He is positive and only wants to deliver a quality product. He does his research, is very detail oriented and open to various creative projects.”
Chantal Hackett, pop artist and founder of Sing House Studios


buckle your rhinestone-studded seatbelt

and let’s go!