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Course: Make Fans Feel Special – Email Lists for Creatives
This course is built specifically for independent musicians who want to take their fan relationships, and thereby success, into their own hands. Rather than technical tutorials, Make Fans Feel Special teaches the concepts and patterns needed to communicate with fans via email marketing, and is full of ideas and examples to help artists customize their own fans’ experience in ways that make them feel special with over 30 minutes of video lessons.
★ A .PDF download of 100+ non sales-y email ideas to send fans.
★ How to find the time to regularly write to your fans, even though your life is busy.
★ Which freebies to give fans in exchange for their email address are going out of style, and which ones are growing in popularity and effectiveness.
★ How to not get accidentally flagged as SPAM by inbox algorithms.
★ Writing tips for making your fans feel spoken to.
★ How to make sure fans only get emails that are most relevant and valuable to them, thereby increasing their fondness of you.
This Course Is For You If…
✔ You are an authentic, friendly artist who wants to scale your close fan connections (be your friendly self… But in multiple places at the same time, automated so that you can be practicing or gigging all the while).
✔ You have full creative control over your business (no labels or controlling investors to gate-keep your relationships with fans).
✔ You have a website already built.
✔ You want to define your own creative success, on your own terms, all while being yourself.
You Aren’t Quite Ready For This Course Yet If…
✘ You spend your time complaining about how the music industry isn’t how it used to be, and how unfair it is that you, the up-and-coming artist, now have to communicate with your fans directly.
✘ You aren’t willing to try anything new wholeheartedly.
✘ Your online accounts are exclusively controlled by a management team or a label who won’t give you your own passwords, and will shoot down all your creative ideas (If you are in this position and want to learn how to take your power back, contact me directly and we can talk).
✘ You aren’t willing to pay attention, and put in the work consistently.
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