Clarence Meets The Rapper Your Parents Warned You About - Pop of Colour
Clarence tells the story of his impromptu subway station interview with The Dickhead Rapper. 
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Clarence Meets The Rapper Your Parents Warned You About

In which Clarence tells the story of his impromptu subway station interview with The Dickhead Rapper. 

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So, fun story. I was taking the subway the other day, and as I walked down the halls, there was this guy in almost comically sagging pants, bobbing his head to a track blasting from his “Beets by Dr. Drew” ( I think it’s a fake) boombox, leaning against the wall. The hallway tiles made it hard for me to pick out individual lyrics from my position, but I noticed more than one yoga mom covering their child’s ears in horror as they walked past.

I was curious, so I made my way through the quickly moving crowd over to him. He didn’t appear to be performing, collecting money, handing out pamphlets, handing out CDs or anything. Just bobbing his head to the music on “infinite echo – subway style” reverb mode.

Long story short, we got talking, It turned out he was blasting his own mixtape in the subway for our listening pleasure. His marketing tactics caught my attention, and I’m sure many other people’s. As someone who studies and writes about marketing in the music industry, I took the opportunity to ask The Dickhead Rapper (I assume that’s a stage name) some questions.

When you first started your rap career, you had to learn all the business skills on your own. What was your first “a-ha!” moment when something clicked together?

“Probably when I figured out how to tag people. Once I learned that it was GAME OVER. Everybody and their fuckin mother is getting tagged whenever I’m dropping heat, WHICH IS EVERY DAY….”

Do you believe in overnight success?

“Bruhhh, if you spitting hot fire you gonna see success THAT SAME DAY. Fuck that overnight bullshit….”

What are your views on record labels in the modern age?

“All I know is that they all wanna sign me. It’s not easy when all you do is spit BARZ…..”

Email lists are extremely important for underground artists. What are your top tips for building and maintaining an email list?

“Shit, all you gotta do is Google search Hip Hop websites, and BOOM, just grab their emails. Then email them and let them know you got a fire ass track coming their way. You’ll be featured on their blogs in no time. Also, if you see that someone has left their email in their bio, there you go. Another email added to ya list……”

What is your strategy for dealing with haters?

“Haters are just jealous because I got these BARZ bruhh. That’s it. Jealousy kills. If I see someone hating I just let em all know they’re a FUCKIN HATER…..”

In your opinion, what is the most important thing an underground rapper can do to stand out from their competition?

“Shit if you ain’t even coming through with the BARZ then you ain’t even considered competition……”

Have you set yourself “rules for success”? If so, what are they?

“Keep laying down the FIRE. Keep spitting BARZ, and let success come to YOU. People will soon recognize the fuckin flames you be spitting up…….”

I thanked him for his time, and went on my merry way. Upon accessing wifi signal again, I checked my phone. To my surprise, I had received an email from The Dickhead Rapper. This is what it looked like:


BODY: a link to his SoundCloud

It suddenly occurred to me that I had never given him my email address. There was no legally-required unsubscribe button. This is the end.

Stay Colourful,

– Clarence

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