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I’ve taken over his computer for a short period of time to impart you with some of my daily life philosophies that could help you with achieving your goals in the New Year.I expect you to show your gratitude in the form of tinned cat...

independent artists have their fair share of big ticket purchases to make as well. However, very few companies that cater to our industry’s performers offer long timeline financing options (the only ones I’ve come across personally are national chain instrument stores with high interest...

I’ve been fascinated about the whole Christmas music industry for a long time, and this article is a compilation of questions I’ve asked myself over the years, and took it upon myself to find the answers. Hopefully, these facts and stories will give you cool...

Displayed on their website, the bio is a few paragraphs of text where the artist must showcase who they are, describe what they sound like, and ultimately influence the reader to care more about them; writing one can sometimes be as skillful an art as...

In Evergreen, Noah Fleming boils it down to the three Cs: Character, Community and Content. I’m going draw out how they work in the music business....

I thought I’d show you the different skills these non-musical-gigs require, that you might not even know can help you sell your music, your merch, and brand....