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This article makes a case for small town gigs, and why they should be given equal consideration to city venues....

This article discusses do’s and dont’s when it comes to garments - or as I like to call it: the 10 commandments of onstage fashion....

Authentic. Open. Honest. These are three of the pillars in the foundation of who is Caleb J. Murphy. His new album, Everybody Breaks, tears his last barriers to vulnerability down and forges them into the most personal album of his career thus far....

On social media, you cannot change the shape of your profile picture or add length to tweets. Once those parameters are played within, however, now is the time to fully make your profiles yours. Some people are tidier than others. And some have a gift...

One of my latest fascinations has been this concept called “Enterprise Gamification” - particularly, the idea of how fan loyalty can be strengthened by integrating one’s brand into the everyday lives of customers by harnessing the natural competitive streak and value of social status in...

The most common complaint I’ve heard from musicians about publicists is that they asked to be paid a fixed amount on a retainer for a few months, whether or not their efforts reap their artists significant media coverage. In today’s article, I’m going to explain...