About - Pop of Colour
Creative marketing agency that specializes in music.
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What We Do
Pop of Colour is a brand management agency that specializes in persona building and creative marketing. Our bright and colourful company is based in Ottawa, Canada, and has clients from around the world.

Clarence Charron – Founder

Clarence Charron is the heart and soul of Pop of Colour. Drawing on the wide range of life experiences inside and outside of the music business, he’s the narrative voice behind the blog articles, videos, and social media content.

Michael Lisinski – Daily Operations

Michael Lisinski is an Ottawa-based communications professional and musician. He completed his Masters degree in The Joint Program in Communication & Culture at Ryerson University and York University, where he studied music and semiotics. 

Michael performs and records his own music as Kestrel Blue and he would like you to follow him on Spotify.

Maddy O’Regan – Daily Operations

Maddy O’Regan is your go-to-gal for planning, tasking, and getting things done! From a young age, she showed great attention to detail with her overly-organized Christmas lists – family members can attest. She’s inspired by others’ projects, dreams, and goals, and is more than happy to sit down, get to know you, and create plans – all. of. the. plans.

Maddy graduated from uOttawa with a degree in Communications and Arts Administration. She’s worked with local and national not-for-profit arts organizations, and for the past 5 years, she’s been on her own musical journey with local female-folk-trio, Jessica Pearson and the East Wind. She understands touring nationally and internationally, having done 3 tours in the UK and Ireland, and she knows the annoyance and victory of grants! Maddy’s here to help you succeed in whatever area(s) you need help in!

Darren O’Reilly – Wardrobe Consultant

Darren O’Reilly loves all things fashion. He’s in an open minded creative who loves to share his ideas, opinions, and work close with clients in finding patterns and fits that help express themselves with the sheer confidence we all hold within.

Darren loves to dance and drink wine. When not helping artists, he up-cycles clothing for his downtown Ottawa boutique. Follow him on Instagram @drippdingold

Michael performs and records his own music as Kestrel Blue and he would like you to follow him on Spotify.