About Us
Pop of Colour is a boutique music marketing agency that specializes in persona building and helping artists make their fans feel special, online or in the real world. Our bright and colourful company is based in Ottawa, Canada, and has clients from around the world.
The Pop of Colour Way is…
Just as stage makeup enhances an actor’s facial features for a large audience, we help artists enhance their personalities. At Pop of Colour, authenticity comes first; we merely teach our clients how to turn up the volume.
Creatives are living in a golden age where they can give fans the direct access they have been dreaming of all these years. At Pop of Colour, we believe in the mindset of serving fans, and making them feel special.
We stay on top of trends in marketing strategies and present them in a friendly style, while still getting into actionable detail. At Pop of Colour, our clients, readers, and viewers are intelligent and we treat them as such.
Never underestimate the power of a sparkly business card, or a genuine conversation about how we can be of service. At Pop of Colour, we strive to make impressions that sparkle on the inside, even after the glitter wears off.
What They Say
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Meet Our Team
Clarence Charron
Founder & CEO
Clarence Charron is the founder and head of Pop of Colour, a creative marketing agency which specializes in building brand personas for artists, companies and public figures. 

He runs a music business blog, hosts a weekly late night talk show discussing relevant news in the music industry, hosts workshops and consults independent artists and other creative businesses.

Beginning as a country-folk songwriter, Clarence discovered that his gifts are suited to help artists, and now now uses these persona-building superpowers for good – to help artists turn up the volume on their natural personalities in order to cut through the noise and build loyal fanbases.

Clarence Charron is currently in the process of writing his first book: The Broke Artist’s Guide To Music Conferences.

Hadar Baron
Director of Daily Operations
Hadar Baron is an Israeli-born and New Jersey-based singer/songwriter and music industry professional. She studied Music Industry with Business Essentials at Ramapo College of New Jersey, from which she graduated early Summa Cum Laude. Along with writing, making, and performing music, Hadar has delved into the business side of the music industry as well – with experiences in the music industries of NYC, London, Tel Aviv, and her local NJ music scene. She ran her school’s record label – Ramix Recordings, and has worked with companies such as The Orchard, Music Ally, Sofar Sounds, You And Whose Army Media, and more. Hadar spends as much time on her music as she does in the industry, performing with her band locally and writing new songs she plans to release soon. Hadar uses her industry knowledge to promote her own music, as well as help other musicians she believes in. She has spent the past few years researching the Israeli music industry, and wrote her research thesis discussing the differences between the Israeli and North American music industries (more info about her research can be found hereAlong with music, Hadar loves cheesecake, puppies, and terrible puns.
Chris Cerpnjak
Grant Writer
Christopher Cerpnjak is a passionate music industry professional with demonstrated experience in artist marketing, business development, and grant writing. Currently, he is the English Canada Account Manager at Naxos, a globally leading classical record label. Previously, he has held positions with Universal Music Canada and the Canadian Live Music Association. Christopher holds a Graduate Certificate in Music Business from Humber College and an Honours BFA in Music from York University. He was formerly a musician in the Toronto underground indie and progressive rock scenes and continues to make electronic music on the side. A lover of all things music, Christopher looks froward to working with you on your next grant application!
Sanjay Belkhode
Sanjay serves Pop Of Colour Music as an Advisor to Clarence.  Innovative, versatile, energetic sales professional with a foundation of 30 years in business and technology.